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The Wetherby Way

The Wetherby name is synonymous with excellence, and Wetherby Arts School will be a proud member of the Wetherby family of schools. The Wetherby Way will be part of our DNA as we create our school.

Wetherby Schools have very high standards, are exceptionally well-resourced and are both outward and forward-looking. They are also schools with a family feel, where pupils are supported pastorally to develop a 21st Century mindset that will enable them to thrive as adults.

“There is a Wetherby tradition: academic rigour, strong pastoral care, a great programme of extra-curricular activities and a reputation for preparing the children well for the next stage of their lives.” Nigel Watson

Wetherby Arts School will carefully balance a strong academic focus with excellence in the creative arts. Pupils will be enabled to perform at their best, through a future-ready curriculum, which nurtures entrepreneurial spirit, confidence, community awareness and collaboration.

Wetherby pupils excel and educational outcomes are always strong. At Wetherby Arts School, pupils will be encouraged to pursue their creative talents, alongside their academic strengths, so that they can move forward into the world of higher education and work with a breadth of experience and achievement.

In a purpose-built and contemporary school, fully equipped for the digital age and designed to develop creativity, the Wetherby Way will be wholly evident. With a highly resourced and spacious school, right in the heart of the cultural hub of Olympia, the traditionally nurturing, family-focused ethos for education and pastoral care will mean that pupils flourish in a caring environment.

Wetherby schools place enormous importance on shaping pupils who are trusting and trustworthy, show integrity and work hard. There is an atmosphere of mutual respect between staff and pupils in Wetherby schools and at Wetherby Arts School will work to instil these values and to be a community that is worthy of the Wetherby name.