girl using a microscope


The ‘Wetherby’ name carries the promise of academic excellence and Wetherby Arts School will be no different.  Our aim will be to provide a curriculum that is strongly academic, yet cutting-edge, innovative and industry-focused, responding to the needs and skills gap of the growing and thriving creative industry.

We will offer a broad academic curriculum, with the core of Maths, English and Science, in addition to the humanities, languages and fitness. Pupils will be able to pursue GCSEs and A Levels in traditional academic subjects, with specialist teaching, whilst developing their talents and abilities beyond the traditional curriculum.

Cutting edge curriculum innovations will include the use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to enhance the classroom experience.  A technological environment will support remote learning and enable interaction with teachers and students from all over the world. For example, it will be possible for some students to attend the school in a hybrid way (in person and remotely, but always interacting live with the teachers and other students).

We want our pupils to be aspirational, and our academic curriculum will open doors and minds, facilitating any future career and enabling our students to reach their full potential, under the guidance of talented and passionate teachers.

In addition to traditional subjects, a significant portion of the timetable will be devoted to the arts, without compromising on academic rigour. The school will support a wide range of arts-based GCSE and A Level options, alongside vocational qualifications.

The dual focus will be made possible by an extended day (08.30 -16.30) and some exciting curriculum adjustments, for example, our Healthy Artist course and Industry Entrepreneurship lessons will equip pupils with the attitude to succeed in the creative arts and beyond.