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Arts Festival

Introducing the annual Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Festival – ArtsFest – a celebration of creativity and community, hosted and developed by Wetherby Arts School!

As part of our commitment to be at the centre of our local community, we will be inviting you to join us for a week of exciting artistic projects across the visual and performing arts, featuring the talents of both local residents and pupils at Wetherby Arts School.

From paintings and sculptures to music and theatre performances, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

ArtsFest will be a great opportunity for the community of Hammersmith and Fulham to come together and experience the vibrant cultural scene in our area and at Olympia, London. Not only will the festival provide entertainment and inspiration, but it will also offers many benefits to the community. The arts can bring people together, promote self-expression, and foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills. It can also have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.