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girl using a camera

Visual Arts

At Wetherby Arts, we will be fortunate to have exceptional facilities that will enable our pupils to explore the visual arts; photography, film, art and digital media.

In the UK, the digital and visual arts are critical to the economy, with a £5.4bn spent on film production in 2021 and the gaming market worth £7bn. Our animation and visual effects industry is internationally renowned and virtual reality technologies are expected to add £62.5bn to the economy by 2030.

The curriculum at Wetherby Arts will be a unique combination of traditional GCSE and A level courses and will also offer the latest in digital media courses too. With many top universities in the UK now offering digital media courses, including London School of Economics, University College London, Kings College London and Edinburgh University, it has been a surprise to us to discover that very few schools in London are currently offering students the opportunity to access these exciting courses, at top universities.  Wetherby Arts will aim to bridge this gap, providing a unique menu of traditional GCSE and A level courses alongside cutting-edge digital media courses, and so bringing digital media courses into the mainstream of secondary school education.

Pupils here will explore a range of visual arts, to determine where their skills and strengths lie. From our specialist Photography lab, to our film studio and digital technology suite, our resources will allow pupils to be at the cutting edge of visual design.

We will offer a range of qualifications in the visual arts, from Media, Art and Photography, to specialist vocational qualifications in game design.